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Get help from a local slip-and-fall accident law firm with over 30 years of experience fighting for clients in South Carolina courtrooms.

The South Carolina slip-and-fall attorneys at Seaton & Duncan understand that 1) accidents happen, but 2) sometimes slip-and-fall accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence, and 3) then you are entitled to full and fair compensation for your injuries.

We know South Carolina personal injury law, civil court procedures, and how to get the maximum compensation that you are entitled to under the facts of your case and South Carolina law, whether that is through a quick settlement or litigation with the business and its insurance company.

We will do everything that is legally and ethically within our power to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation from the insurance companies and the business, individual, or municipality that caused your injuries.

Don’t wait to call your slip-and-fall lawyer!

We need to investigate your accident and gather critical evidence early in your case – as soon as possible after your injury – to ensure that key evidence is not destroyed or “lost.”

The business where you were hurt and their insurance company are already preparing their defense, and they will do everything they can to avoid paying your claim or to limit the amount that they pay.

The slip-and-fall lawyers at Seaton & Duncan

care about their clients and take your case seriously.

The slip-and-fall lawyers at Seaton & Duncan care about their clients and take your case seriously.

When you retain Seaton & Duncan, you aren’t just a paycheck for our firm – you are now a friend and client who has been hurt through no fault of their own and our job is to recover the maximum amount of damages possible on your behalf.

When you call our office, we will:

  • Meet with you to answer your questions, learn about your case, and help you to determine whether our law firm is the right fit for you;
  • Investigate the accident and the parties involved;
  • Gather the evidence you will need to prove liability and damages, retaining experts as needed;
  • Locate and interview any witnesses who may help your case;
  • Identify and gather any evidence that may help your case using investigators, subpoenas, FOIA requests, discovery motions, motions to compel discovery, and experts as needed;
  • Research all potential legal issues that may arise in your case or trial
  • Advise you as to any expert witnesses you may need for consultation or testimony at trial to prove liability or damages;
  • Negotiate with the business and their insurance company to get a full and fair settlement as quickly as possible; and
  • Try your case to a jury if the defendant does not agree to pay the fair value of your case.

Your Berkeley County slip-and-fall attorneys at Seaton & Duncan have years of experience collecting damages from insurance companies in all types of personal injury cases including premises liability matters.

When you choose our Moncks Corner, South Carolina, slip and fall law firm to handle your case, you will receive personal attention directly from your attorney.

We make communication with our clients a priority, answer your questions, and keep you up to date on what is happening in your case throughout the process.

Whether you were involved in a slip-and-fall, a trip-and-fall, a swimming pool injury, an amusement park injury, or another type of injury caused by a property owner’s negligence, we have gotten settlements or verdicts for clients in similar situations.

Worry Free

They are very good at what they do! Go see them today and be worry free!

– Kipp Cavadias

Great Lawyer

Great Lawyer, will definitely use again when needed. Thank You Beau!

– Charles McGee

Wonderful Lawyer

He truly cares about his clients!! A wonderful lawyer!!

– Lamarr Richardson

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Learn more about premises liability
(slip-and-fall) Law in South Carolina

What is Premises Liability in SC?

When a property owner creates or ignores an unsafe condition on their property, they are responsible for any injuries or damage caused.

Whether the property owner owes a duty of care to the visitor depends on the visitor’s status.

The property owner owes the highest duty of care to invitees – people who are on the property at the owner’s express or implied invitation.

Licensees – those who have permission to be on the property for the licensee’s benefit, are also owed a duty of care although it is lesser than that owed to an invitee.

In general, trespassers are not owed a duty of care by the property owner, although there are exceptions like when the hazard is an “attractive nuisance” that might attract children.

What Types of Premises Liability Cases Do We Accept?

Premises liability law encompasses much more than just slip-and-fall cases and may include:

  • Slips and falls on someone else’s property,
  • Trips and falls on someone else’s property,
  • Swimming pool injuries or deaths,
  • Amusement park injuries or fatalities,
  • Building fires,
  • Animal attacks or dog bites,
  • Injuries caused by inadequate maintenance of property or equipment on the property, and
  • Assaults that were caused by inadequate security measures on the property.

Sources of Recovery

To recover damages after a slip-and-fall accident, we must be able to prove liability and damages, and there must be a source of recovery.

Depending on the facts of your case, we may identify multiple defendants/sources of recovery including:

  • The business owner and their insurance policies,
  • The homeowner and their insurance policies,
  • A municipality that caused the unsafe condition,
  • Other individuals or businesses that contributed to the unsafe condition, or
  • Your own insurance policies when appropriate.

Won’t the Business Just Pay My Claim?

It was their fault, so they will probably just do the right thing and pay your claim, won’t they?

Don’t count on it.

Insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying or to limit your claim – they will claim the accident was your fault, that there is no liability, that you were “comparatively negligent,” or that you are exaggerating your injuries.

Your slip-and-fall lawyer knows South Carolina law, the insurance company’s tricks, how to get a quick settlement whenever possible, and how to litigate your case when the insurance company refuses to pay.

Ready To Speak With An Attorney?

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In most cases, you do not need to pay anything upfront for your legal fees.
In most premises liability cases, we will charge a contingency fee that may be one-third of your total recovery (although this can vary depending on the circumstances of your case) that does not need to be paid until the end of your case when you get paid.

We don’t get paid unless you get paid, and how much we get paid is determined by how much you get paid.

You may also be responsible for the costs of your expenses which could include court costs, deposition costs, expert witness fees, or other litigation expenses.


Call an experienced premises liability lawyer immediately after your accident, and:

  • Do not give any statements to the at-fault party’s insurance company or the business where the incident happened (refer them to your attorney);
  • Immediately gather any evidence that could be destroyed or lost, including video evidence, photographs of the accident location and floor conditions, and contact information for witnesses who saw what happened or who can confirm that the business was notified of the unsafe condition;
  • Document everything – keep a journal with your thoughts, including the impact that your injuries have had on your life since the accident;
  • Seek medical care immediately and follow up on all recommendations from the doctors;
  • Present compelling evidence of both 1) liability and 2) damages when demanding payment from the insurance company
  • File suit and litigate your case when necessary, when the insurance company refuses to pay;
  • Use expert witnesses as needed to establish liability and damages (for example, life care planners, accountants, or medical testimony as needed); and
  • Choose an experienced South Carolina slip-and-fall attorney whom you trust and follow their advice at all stages of your case.


Homeowners, motel owners, and apartment complexes can be liable for injuries or deaths in their swimming pools if the injuries or deaths are caused by the property owner’s or manager’s negligence. 

Property owners have a duty to either 1) make their pool safe or 2) restrict access to the pool while repairs are made, and liability for deaths or injuries can be established when an owner or manager:

  • Fails to warn about unsafe conditions;
  • Fails to employ or properly train lifeguards;
  • Fails to maintain dangerous pool equipment like slides, diving boards, ladders, or drains;
  • Fails to properly clean the pool to remove harmful bacteria;
  • Allows too many swimmers in the pool at one time;
  • Fails to secure the pool to prevent access by unaccompanied children; or
  • Creates, fails to correct, or fails to warn about any unsafe condition that results in injury or death.


Property owners or managers may be liable for damages resulting from an unsafe condition on the property and the owner fails to 1) correct the hazardous condition or 2) warn of or prevent access to the danger.
For example, this could include:

  • Spills that would cause a customer to slip and fall;
  • Boxes or other inventory that is left where a customer might trip over it;
  • Power cords or other tools that are left where a customer might trip over them;
  • Loose carpet seams or obstructions in door frames;
  • Snow or ice on sidewalks, entryways, or a business’s floor; and
  • Defective stairs, sidewalks, elevators, escalators, or doorways.