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All DUI charges have serious consequences and multiple convictions carry heavy penalties.

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Facing DUI Charges in
Berkeley, Dorchester or Charleston County?

DUI charges are definitely no joking matter and definitely shouldn’t be brushed off.

Even a first-time DUI conviction in South Carolina carries the punishment of up to 90 days in jail, up to $1,000 in fines and a six-month license suspension. Second, third, and subsequent convictions have even more severe consequences.

If you refuse to give a blood, breath or urine sample or if you blow a .15% BAC, you will have your license suspended for six months. You will only have 30 days to challenge this suspension and attend an administrative hearing. Contacting us early not only lets us help you with your administrative hearing, but also allows us to start building a strong criminal defense.

This isn’t to say that there is no point in fighting a DUI charge because there is! Don’t just plead guilty and take the penalties.

A DUI conviction can be costly in many ways other than your wallet. Besides the fines, extra SR-22 insurance, and the cost of an Ignition Interlock Device, you may lose your current job if driving is necessary and future employment prospects.

Field sobriety tests are not always accurate, and officers can make mistakes when administering tests. You should call our law firm immediately after your arrest. Our lawyer will check the details of your case and find any flaws in the sobriety test. We have case-specific specialists who will investigate your arrest and testify in the courtroom.

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Four (4) Steps To Take If
You’ve Been Arrested for DUI

1. Contact an Attorney

Contact an attorney: Knowledgeable criminal defense counsel can make you aware of your rights and prevent mistakes from occurring. Having a lawyer by your side can stop law enforcement from bullying you during interrogations.

2. Do Not Talk to Police

Do not discuss your case with the police: Talking to the police about seemingly innocuous case details without an attorney can damage your defense. The police may take what you say out of context and use your words against you in the courtroom. Trying to convince the police of your innocence after your arrest can only hurt your case.

3. Do Not Talk to Friends or Family

Do not discuss your case with friends or family: Anything that you say to anyone about your case can be used against you. Do not post about your case on social media or send messages about your charges.

4. Do Not Lose Hope

Do not lose hope about your case: No matter the details of your case, no prosecutor has a guaranteed conviction. Our lawyer can investigate the evidence and show why there may be problems. In criminal cases police officers as well as prosecutors can make damaging mistakes. Do not accept a plea deal without talking to our attorney.

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Common Questions About
DUI Charges in SC

Should I just plead guilty to get my DUI charge over with?

Absolutely not! A first-time DUI conviction can bring jail time, fines, and the loss of your license. Those are life changing consequences that should be avoided at all costs.

A DUI attorney can analyze your case and find any cracks in the prosecution’s case against you. DUI charges can be beat.

Cops and prosecutors aren’t perfect. Sometimes mistakes are made along the way that could even get your charge dismissed.

Is there any way I can drive while facing a DUI charge?

There are several options available for getting back on the road even while your DUI charge is still pending.

If you are awaiting your administrative hearing you may apply for a Temporary Alcohol License (TAL).

If your license suspension is upheld at your administrative hearing, you refused to take a breathalyzer at your arrest, or blew over a .15% you can apply for a Route-Restricted Driver’s License while your case is pending.

What is informed consent in SC?

Informed Consent is the idea that you impliedly consent to a blood or breath test when driving on public roads in SC.

It is the reason why you lose your license if you refuse to take a breathalyzer or submit to a blood test if suspected of DUI.

Violating the informed consent law does not mean that you are guilty or not guilty of DUI. It simply means that you automatically lose your license.