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Serious injuries caused by an accident can change your life forever.

These accidents can prevent you from working, and your medical recovery may be expensive. In addition to the short-term problems, a serious accident can have lifelong consequences such as brain or spinal damage.

Seaton & Duncan fights to get people with accident injuries compensation for their medical costs, pain, lost income and other personal injury issues.

Types of Personal Injury
Cases We Handle

Trucking Accidents

Boating Accidents

Workplace Accidents

Slip & Fall Accidents

Wrongful Death

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They are very good at what they do! Go see them today and be worry free!

– Kipp Cavadias

Great Lawyer

Great Lawyer, will definitely use again when needed. Thank You Beau!

– Charles McGee

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He truly cares about his clients!! A wonderful lawyer!!

– Lamarr Richardson

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Four (4) Steps To Take If
You’ve Been injured

1. Collect Evidence

A strong case needs to have strong evidence. In most personal injury cases the injury occurs before an attorney is introduced to the case. The injured party should attempt to collect and keep all evidence that may be relevant to the issue, including medical bills, photos, police reports, text messages, emails, phone conversations, etc. The more evidence you can provide your attorney at the outset of your case the better.

2. Document Everything

Your personal injury attorney will take over communications for you, but some may have occurred before you ever even hired a lawyer or you may continue to be contacted by the insurance company or opposing party. In either case, make sure you write down and document everything, including phone calls, emails, texts, etc. This can also apply to taking pictures of your injury and anything else you think may be important.

3. Do Not Talk to Friends or Family

Do not discuss your case with friends or family: Anything that you say to anyone about your case can be used against you. Do not post about your case on social media or send messages about your charges.

4. Contact an Attorney

Personal injury law is complicated and time consuming. Let someone who is well-versed in personal injury cases take on the task of dealing with the insurance company or opposing party. Hiring a personal injury attorney that has experience handling cases like yours is the best route to arriving at a positive outcome. This way you can focus on your injury and leave the legal battle to your attorney.

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Common Questions About
Personal Injury Cases in SC

Why do I need a personal injury attorney when I have insurance?

The biggest mistake that people make is to trust their insurance provider to do the right thing. Insurance companies make money by closing out accident claims for as little as possible.

No matter what kind of accident you were in, our accident attorney can help you. We can prevent wrongfully denied claims and delayed reimbursement from insurance providers.

Are personal injury attorneys expensive?

We represent cases on a contingent fee basis. Contingency fees mean that we are not paid unless we win compensation for your case. This lets us take on the risk of your case so that you can medically recover without worrying about legal costs.

The longer that an injured person waits, the more difficult their case can become. Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible for the best chance at a favorable outcome.

What should I do after a car accident?

If you have been in a vehicle accident you should first call the police. Also, if you are able to, take pictures of everything, including the scene, vehicles and any injuries.

Your highest priority should be your health, so don’t put off any medical treatment that you may need.

Contact an attorney as soon as you can.